The Seasonal Worker Scheme

The scheme allows for the supply of workers to the edible horticultural sector and the following types of work are offered:

Manual harvesting of vegetable crops (may include rig work / hand tools). Fruit picking involves working inside polytunnels, picking fruit such as strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, or blueberries. Picking is now mostly performed standing up so you stand at a trolley and pick the fruit into punnets rather than bending down.

Crop maintenance and husbandry
Planting, weeding, de-leafing, thinning, tying down and any aspects related to crop health.

Tunnel worker
Construction / skinning of crop protection, venting and maintenance, preparing growing areas / tabletop systems / raised beds / installing and removing growing media / dismantling.

Irrigation worker
Installation and maintenance.

Packhouse worker
Packing and processing of crops, labelling, sorting, grading and loading. A certain level of manual handling will be required, but training will be given.

Tractor driving
Seasonal requirements for primary production (mowing/spraying/harvest/carting).

Seasonal Supervisor
Leading teams to ensure efficiency, training and motivation.

Barnsmuir Farm employs seasonal workers provided by two of the licensed operators within this scheme. Please contact them for further information and they can answer any specific questions and advise on the rules that will apply to you:

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